01 May 2015

Ellie the Ace Trailer!

Check out the trailer we made for Ellie the Ace - it's a lot easier to watch if you go to youtoob

We made it at Cartoon Saloon last September for Cartoon Forum (you may remember!) so I thought it was about time to put it online. The turnaround on it was short for so much work but the team did a great job!
Ellie's new design

Concept art by Pedro Vergani

Sneak peak of an Ellie comic in the works!

Since the trailer I’ve been working intensively on Ellie at the studio and we’ve been able to bring in more great artists and writers. It’s come forward in leaps and bounds and I’m really excited about the progress made, it’s really coming together!

It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with a number of fantastic people. Now the project is getting close to the next stage so I’ll try and show more of it when I can.

PS: I’ll be at Annecy Festival for a few days if anyone wants to say hello, maybe even nab a few Ellie goodies :)

17 February 2015

30 September 2014

Ellie the Ace!

Ellie the Ace is a TV series that I’ve been developing at the Cartoon Saloon for a little while. You might even remember some very early drawings of Ellie on my blog.

So this summer I’ve been hard at work directing a trailer and making pitch bible and last week we were able to present it at Cartoon Forum! It was pretty nerve racking but exciting at the same time. All in all it went really well and we got some great feedback afterwards. (Variety even posted a lovely article about it!)

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on it and for the support of all my friends and of course the folks in the Saloon!

04 June 2014

Sailing illustrations

 A little series of characters that are promoting sailing

11 March 2014

13 January 2014

Loose Ends

My film Loose Ends, which I made as part of the Late Night Work Club, is now online on its own. Click the image above to watch it. Thanks!

09 November 2013

Shadow on the Snow

Sadhbh, Shadow on the Snow

The final illustration of my Ranger, Sadhbh, for the Light Grey Art Lab Rolemodels game.

You can get each image as a print, see mine here, or you can get all the illustrations as a deck to play the game with here!

It was a lot of fun being part of this and seeing all the different characters created. If you want to see more of my prep work check out my tumblr.

19 September 2013

02 September 2013

Loose Ends - LNWC

The poster for my LateNightWorkClub: Ghost Stories film Loose Ends.
Only one more day until all the films are released online!!

Info on screenings, the other filmmakers and a whole bunch more on the site: LNWC

15 July 2013

Bran and Hodor

A little ASOIAF fanart for a great artist/friend Áine Mc Guinness. No spoilers :)

18 May 2013

Strider the Hiker

 Another hiker that could also be modern day Aragon.. or just a guy out walking.

12 May 2013

The Fellowship of the Rambler

A hiker that could also be modern day Gandalf. Depends on how nerdy you want to get...

26 January 2013

Late Night Work Club

I haven't been updating here very much lately because I am working hard a little short for the Late Night Work Club. The trailer is up now and if you watch it you will understand why I am so excited to be part of it!
Ghost Stories Trailer from Late Night Work Club.

I am currently knee-deep in the animation and it's about to get even more hectic as I'll be starting a new full time job soon (more about that at a later). If you want to see what I'm up to I'll post little odds and ends on my tumblr such as these bits...

07 December 2012

Plush and Stuff shop

I've opened up shop again. This time its called Plush and Stuff and I'm selling paintings as well as plushies!
I have some items on SALE now, so if you'd like to get a plushie of mine now is the best time!

If there is any other paintings of mine you are interested in that aren't there, just let me know and if available I'll put the in the shop.

04 November 2012

An Island

This is a short comic made for the Observer/Cape comic competition (the runner up is my favourite - I, Yeti). This is my first try at a comic and it's certainly not perfect, but it has helped me to find a way of working. Having a deadline certainly helped me to focus although as always I would have like to have had a bit longer at the end.

I roughed this out quite tightly, then drew the final lines in pen. In the end I think my drawings were too tight, so next time expect to see a bit of a difference. I'll play around more with techniques for the finished look.

I uploaded my thumbnails and early sketches onto my tumblr so you can see the progress. The longer I worked on it the more I got to know the character and in turn improved the writing.

Would love to hear any feedback. I will certainly try to do another short comic some time soon.

27 October 2012

Watercolour Week

I will be posting something new to the blog next week but in the meantime please check out my watercolour week I did a little while back on my tumblr which you can see here.

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